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Bridges in Srinagar

Zero bridge KashmirThere are seven historical bridges in Srinagar, each one of them having its own importance and history. These bridges connected various parts of the city with one other over the Jhelum river. Thesse bridges remind us of the saga and the architecture of that time. All these bridges have been constructed after 14th century when Srinagar began to expand its territory. These bridges or "Kadals" as locally known are the life line of the city. Now these historical structures are being crumbled and being replaced by the new concrete bridges because of the increase in population and traffic in the city. These bridges are an epitome to ascetic art of Kashmir.

Zero Bridge:
Zero Bridge is the oldest bridge in the Srinagar. This bridge was constructed by deaf contractor and hence was called "Zorr Bridge" (Zorr in Kashmiri means deaf). Leater the name modified into Zero Bridge. It is the iconic bridge that was constructed by wooden planks in 1950's and thus is also regarded as the point of the local heritage.

Amira kadal:Amira kadal Bridge in kashmir
Amira kadal bridge is also called First bridge. It was constructed in 1774 by Afghan Governor Amir Khan Sher Jawan. Since then this bridge has witnessed the history from Afghans to flocking Pandits to Dogra rule. Later in 1982 this bridge was made from concrete and stones by Chief Minister Sheikh Abdullah. The flocks of fisherwomen are seen selling fish on this bridge. This bridge is also said to be the face of Srinagar - every tourist should visit this to have a feel of a local life and livelihood.

Haba Kadal:
Also called the second bridge, Habba Kadal or Hab-Kadal, was built by one of the rulers of Kashmir called Habib Shah in 1551. This bridge was effected by drastic flood in 1893 and then was re-constructed. In 2001, CM farooq Abdullah inaugurated the newly constructed concrete bridge which is few meters upstream the old bridge.

Fateh kadal KashmirFateh Kadal:
Fateh Kadal is also called the third bridge. This bridge is the olders among all the bridges and has now been dilapidated for the actual use. A new concrete bridge has been built instead.

Zein Kadal:Zein kadal or Zain Kadal is the fourth bridge built by Kashmiri ruler Zain-ul-haq. This bridge is an example of the ancient Kashmir architecture.This bridge has been of a great importance for the traders. A new bridge of concrete has been built a few meters upstream the old one.


Ail Kadal: Aile Kadal is the fifth bridge and was constructed by Sultan Ali Shah in 1415. He created this bridge to have a paranormic view of the splashing water and enjoy the gentle breeze. However now this part of the river where the bridge stands has been polluted. Washer man can be seen washing clothes at the Aile Kadal ghats and it has also become a garbage dumping area for the residents. The old Aile Kadal bridge was burnt by the millitants, however there is a new one now.habba kadal kashmir

Nawa Kadal:Nawa Kadal or the sixth bridge was actually built in 1953 by CM Sheikh Abdullah. However in 1981, the agitators and protestors burnt the bridge and then the new one (which stands today) was built by CM Farooq Abdullah.

Safa Kadal:
Safa Kadal is the oldest bridge in the league. This bridge represents the old Kashmiri architecture and depicts the saga of the skilled workers who crafted this bridge with the heavy logs of wood on gushing Jhelum.


Fateh kadal bridge in kashmir